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About Us

Welcome to Pantry!

Pantry is a very small online family business run by two full-time working siblings that are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to provide the residents of Qatar products that are either not available or not easily found in the country, whilst simultaneously trying to make a difference in our world; we try to pay it forward, as well as use recyclable and eco-friendly products as much as we can.

We are passionate about providing our society with eco-friendly, non-toxic and overall healthy options. Organic is our main theme here, but we also do sell a small range of non-organic alternatives that are also suitable for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and raw lifestyles. If there are any products that you would like us to provide in our store, please contact us and we will try our best to get it for you! 

Our aim is to give back to society and to the world as much as we can. This is why we have chosen to donate 30% of all our profits to charities, focusing on those that provide nutrition and education to people in need. This cannot be done without you, so we thank you in advance for all your support! You will find more about the charities we support in our M.A.D page. Together, we can Make A Difference!!

Organically Yours <3