Easy Peasy Chewy Quinoa Breakfast Bars

One of the most difficult things I find when trying to eat healthy is getting up early enough to prep a good, filling breakfast that can set me up for the day. So, instead of forsaking those ever so precious ten extra minutes in bed, I allow myself to indulge and do all my cooking the night before. Saturdays are mostly dedicated to shopping, chopping, boiling, roasting and mixing different grains, sauces, veg and fruit to chuck together for a fast and easy brekkie or lunch at any given time. 

This recipe is so simple it's almost offensive, but the end result is nutritious, delicious and sure to please if you're making them for family and/or friends and colleagues. For the sake of convenience, Ill leave the name of the supermarket where I clocked certain finnicky items for the Doha-dwellers reading this.




Four cups of organic quinoa puffs (Megamart)

Five large tbsp coconut peanut butter (I use sugar free Earth Balance found at Megamart)

A handful of slivered almonds, raw 

Two tbsp organic cacao powder (Pantry-qa) 

Two tbsp maple agave syrup (Carrefour Lagoona)

Cinnamon to taste



 Two tbsp pb2 (Megamart)

One tsp cacao powder 


This is a one bowl/one tray recipe - you're welcome. You'll need to loosen up your peanut butter with some water; I do this one tbsp of water a time to reach the perfect consistency. There's no right or wrong here; if you want a bar that's a little more crumbly, use more water and a looser peanut butter mix. If you like your breakfast bars with a little more density or bite, leave the peanut butter mixture a little thicker to serve as the binder. 

After you've mixed all the ingredients well and the quinoa pops are thoroughly coated, taste to see if you like what you've got. The mixture should be wet but by no means soggy. If you like more sweetness, add more maple (you can also use honey, date syrup, liquid stevia, etc.) or if you like more spice, add a pinch more cinnamon, some nutmeg or even some ginger powder. 

Line a tray with some baking paper and press the mixture in, packed nice and tight. For the topping, simply stir the pb2, cacao and some water together to form a thick frosting consistency. Pb2 contains sugar which is why I prefer to use it for toppings; it's easier to mix and freezes better than regular peanut butter. Drizzle this on top and stick your tray in the freezer for at least six hours - I leave mine overnight before I cut into them. 

See? Stupid easy. There's no limit to the combinations you can make with this recipe. As long as you have a binder (peanut butter, raw chocolate, date syrup/paste) then you can literally chuck anything into these babies - dried fruit, nuts, spices, etc. 

I'm currently experimenting with a Christmas version so stay tuned! Let me know how you liked this recipe and share your photos with me over on Instagram @romanticfridge! 



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